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  • Get The Facts

    Solar costs less than the power you pay for        today, so money saved for every customer.

    Payback of 6 years feasible in sunny regions.

    Internal Rate of Return (IRR) on investment is 14%.

    Encouraged by every Power Utility Company to go PV Solar.

    Use of PV Solar during Peak hours reduces burden on consumer as Utility Company charge         higher tariff for peak hour supply.

    Net metering is very attractive under many electricity tariff schemes.

    PV Solar is the best backup power system.

    Avoidance of power outage help bringing down opportunity cost significantly.

If you are an industry or business owner, a project developer or a home owner thinking a solar energy solution, we have something to propose. With our skill and associations with the best of global make, we can offer you a complete solution - from planning, to design, to execution and commissioning.

The Solar Advantage

We will take a look at your past energy usage and your roof and prepare a free custom quote that will includes all of your options and savings for the next 20 years.

Your personalized agreement secures predictable solar energy cost for the next 20 years depending on your financing option. No hidden fees, just guarantees.

A site surveyor will visit within days of the solar consultation to take a closer look at your roof and take measurements. Then expert engineers will design a solar power system based on your homes dimension and your energy needs.

Fast & Reliable

Most solar system installation takes few days. We’ll find a day that works best for you for panel connection inside villa. We also take care of all the permits and inspections. All you have to do is watch it come together.

Once the utility company gives approval, they flip the switch and you start producing clean, renewable, free energy from the sun!

Solar For Your Home
Solar has come a long way in the last few years. The efficiency and paybacks are better than ever and with ever increasing enegry costs, solar is definitely looking to be the way forward. Installation is generally undertaken in few days and it won't be long before you see the difference in your energy bills. So why don't you contact Linctus Global and see if solar can work for you.

A typical home solar PV system could save over a ton of carbon dioxide per year. That's more than 30 tonnes over its lifetime.

Why Use Linctus Global
We will assist with your requirements and give you an honest answer without the typical inflated salesman jargon.

Simply give us a call or email us, to discuss the opportunity of a free home survey by a qualified installer to see if solar can work for you.

Pay Less For Power
With the ever increasing energy cost you can protect yourself from this trend in the future by making your home energy efficient by going solar, all while significantly lowering your energy bill.

How Panels Turn Sunlight Into Electricity

Solar panels collect sunlight

Power is converted into usable energy

Electricity flows into net meter

Use the electricity produced by the sun