Application Services

Today’s fortune 500 companies have one common aspect: they establish customized software to meet the specific nature their operation irrespective of the field of industry – healthcare, business electronics, communication electronics, manufacture, banking or financing, research & development, and so on. Customized software applications have become the nerve-center controlling each and every operation ensuring a smooth operating process with cost and time efficiency at the time the end-product of outstanding quality. In the computer jargon, the phrase, ‘one-stop-solution’ has come to stay after proven global performances

Linctus Global has a dedicated software team for developing this ‘one-stop-solution’. Taking care of the different stages from concept to commissioning. The special skills expected from the application development team are:

  • Business understanding
  • Technical Proficiency
  • Infrastructure
  • Communication skill
  • Domain Knowledge
  • Flexible working hours
  • Excellent cooperation & smooth interaction with the organization’s infrastructure
  • Hand-in-hand operation to ensure the project is on ‘cruise’ mode
  • Keeping the delivery schedule

Linctus Global team of software development has absolute loads of the above uniqueness. Adequate technical support is provided even after the installation of the software. The team endeavors to provide some innovative suggestion to keep the client ahead of the competitors. As a Application development company we implement projects that drive competitive advantage and in turn growth business performance for the clientel.

We facilitate our customers to develop customised software , web applications and assist them throughout the entire application development process, including project management, systems analysis and design, development, execution, training and application maintenance.

  • Customised Software Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Web Application Integration
  • Web Application Customization
  • Web Application Enhancement